Show you care with a Warm Fuzzie Friend.

Show You Care with Warm Fuzzie Friends!

With so many communication channels open to us, it’s never been easier to stay in touch. But with social distancing measures now in place, it’s also never been easier to feel lonely and isolated. As we adjust to the ‘new norm’ with social distancing why not show you care with a Warm Fuzzie Friend.

These unique and fun little characters are the perfect way to share a smile with someone you care for. Made and printed in the UK with an animated lenticular face, these unique message carriers are a sure way to have constant presence whilst spreading a little joy and happiness.  Each Warm Fuzzie is chosen and individually personalised by you for your selected recipient. So go on #ShareTheFeeling and let them know you care!

Why Warm Fuzzie Friends?

Warm Fuzzie Friends are there for your every occasion, so whether it’s celebrating a birthday, special event, anniversary or just sharing a smile with someone, you’ll find a Warm Fuzzie Friend waiting for you.

When you order a Warm Fuzzie Friend, they will be delivered in a carrier card and perforated for easy removal. Carry them in your purse, wallet, car, bag, etc. so your message is a constant reminder of the warm fuzzie feeling that someone special is thinking of them.

Warm Fuzzie Friends FaviconOnce ordered your Warm Fuzzie Friend will be printed, despatched, and delivered in 2 – 3 days through Royal Mail, and if you have received a Warm Fuzzie Friend, it would be great to see them! Please share your photos on Facebook or Instagram using #ShareTheFeeling and for all things warm and fuzzie we also have Pinterest and Twitter pages too.

So, when it comes to caring…show you care and send a Warm Fuzzie Friend!

Keep an eye out for latest news, product developments and updates by becoming a Warm Fuzzie Friend and have all things warm and fuzzie delivered directly to your inbox.

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